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Natura Exhibition 02

Natura Exhibition 02
Natura Exhibition 02

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Although the current James Wegner Gallery exhibit, "NATURA", takes as its starting point the Minnesota prairie, artist Michael Grenier does not present us with simple or obvious representations of the landscape. Rather, the show is an innovative, multi- media exploration that attempts to bring forward the elemental around us, revealing relationships between nature's forms and powers, and demonstrating material correspondences between the show and it's subject. According to the artist, the forms, materials and imagery for "Natura" all derive from Southern Minnesota.

By using media such as charcoal (both the traditional artist variety used in evocative drawings, as well as burned chunks of firewood used in sculpture), and the application of digital photography to acoustic tilesmade from corn-based products, Grenier's work provokes thought about interconnectedness. For the artist, the prairie offers a place of contemplation and spiritual renewal, an experience he translates in distinct but complementary approaches within a single show that ranges from beeswax to neon.

"Natura" is open 9-4, Monday- Friday, from now until November 28. The artist will be discussing the show and it's meaning at a closing reception to be held at 10:30 a.m. on November 28 in the gallery. Refreshments will be served. Please join us!

Tim Jones, Riverland Community College Instructor / Curator

RCC News November 6th, 2012