Ben James


CIRCUS SONG | Media List

  • icon Elephant

    Very Elephante. to imitate an elephant.

  • icon High Wire Artist
    High Wire Artist

    No safety net here. The Ring Mistress tells us whats up.

  • icon Prancing Horsey
    Prancing Horsey

    These horses prance aroung the Big Tent balancing artists on their backs.

  • icon Lions

    Lions in a cage. A trainer with a whip snaps close, but never hits the Lion. Then he puts his head inside the Lion's mouth as the crowd cheers. The Lion burps.

  • icon Strong Man
    Strong Man

    He is wearing a tiger outfit and is a bit chubby. The audience loves him as he lifts a car. (Not really)

  • icon Trapeze Artist
    Trapeze Artist

    These artists are all from the same family. They are the famous Zambonis. The youngest is 12 and the oldest is 75. Amazing.

  • icon Clowns

    Clowns are great from far away. They are funny and wear silly outfits. But they can be very 'scary kids.'


Songs and dances for young kids in music/dance classes. They are all about the circus. I played trumpet in a Circus band when I was in High School. My mother got sneezed on by an Elephant. The music was originally written for the elementary school dance instructor in the London school system. Later bought and addapted to the New York elementary school system. There are presentlly 50k copies out there, somewhere.


Kids say they like singing and dancing to these pieces.