Ben James



  • icon All the Pretty Little Horses
    All the Pretty Little Horses

    The song is the title song for a very dark play colled Equis. A young man is obsessed with horses to the point of killing them.

  • icon Ezera's Pound Cake
    Ezera's Pound Cake

    Written out of boredom in Jamestown College where I was teaching in the 60s. When I tried to publish it, the publisher said 'no, no and no. Mr Pound is too respected to have such music attached to his poetry. As Kurt Vonnegut said, 'So goes it.'

  • icon Wotai Stone
    Wotai Stone

    Written for a pilot to be used on Public TV. It is about urban Indian life. There were Hoop Dancers, drummers, flute players, and Indian history. It was narrated by a famous local Indian prersonallity. Eagleman.

  • icon Tanpopo

    One of 60 kids songs written for the Texas school system. Most were arrangements. This one was original.


All of these pieces are pretty straight ahead, tonal, like you could whistle them. Not like most of my work..


Theater critics like my music. It fits the play and doesn't over power the show or take away from the actors.