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Ape's House

Ape's House
Ape's House

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Probably about a year ago I had a dream about a odd house and then did a sketch in my sketchbook. It was sort of the same as this house with the two levels and but I changed it a lot as I created. Now it is sort of a mixture of several houses from dreams. I tend to dream about stairways a lot too so this made sense to add in. At first the top was going to be a kitchen but then I decided the part of the kitchen I really wanted to make was the cupboards so I made it all cupboards with little treasures inside (they actually open on real hinges). The little characters that are hanging down below were the last finishing touch that happened about a month after I thought I might be done with the piece. I had several people tell me the downstairs area looked like it needed something. Finally an art consultant was picking up one of my pieces and she said I should make characters that hang down below so you could bring them up and "play" with them in the space above. I loved it! So I made a hedgehog, a cat and a dog.

Materails: Polymer Clay, Apoxy Sculpt, glitter, beads, wire

Size: 25"x27"x6"

Price: $1200