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video: Paris Journal

Borgi Mhemni
Borgi Mhemni

still from video, March 2009.

video: Paris Journal | Media List


Heard at a distance, vendors hawking at two competing Paris produce stands are an enigmatic sound, part shouting and part singing. One of the vendors, Borgi Mhemni, has a clarion voice and a theatrical sense of presence. "Paris Journal" lets the viewer in on his street performance. Borgi's verbal inventions -- "put the Ivory Coast on your table," "the sun of Martinique on your table" -- evoke France's colonial history.


"MNTV," Twin Cities Public Television. 2009.

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"Paris Journal was poignant, and beautiful, and a little sad. Thank you."

-Scott Barnard

"It reminded me of when I go to the market in southern Italy. I miss it a lot. I miss the song and dance and pomp and circumstance... southern style. Bravo!"

-Alycia Honeck