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Dalek- "The Return of the Space Monkey"

Dalek-The Return of the Space Monkey
Dalek-The Return of the Space Monkey

DEC 4th - DEC 23rd

Artist Reception: Saturday, December 4th, 7-10PM

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DEC 4th - DEC 23rd

Artist Reception: Saturday, December 4th, 7-10PM

Minneapolis, MN – OX-OP Arts welcomes back DALEK (aka James Marshall) for a solo show running from December 4th through 23rd. After opening his first-ever solo show at the OX-OP Gallery April, 2003, Dalek has been on a non-stop global gallery tour, with solo shows everywhere from L.A. to NYC; Paris to Tokyo.
Dalek is one of the most exciting artists from the burgeoning Brooklyn art scene. Although he has received a BFA of the Art Institute of Chicago, he is inspired by street art, graffiti and televisual culture. He has exhibited in London's Apart Gallery, in New York and at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Washington. Dalek’s contemporaries include Shepard Fairey (Obey Giant) and Twist (aka Barry McGee), whose work also hangs in museums. In addition, he worked with Takashi Murakami. The past several years have seen Dalek’s hyper-graphic creatures with their googlie eyes and fixed toothy grins, affectionately known to the artist as “Space Monkeys,” popping up all over the place. But Dalek doesn't speak much about his work. Who are the Space Monkeys? Where are they from? Why are they always joyful even though their heads are perforated? No one can quite answer. But the Space Monkeys continue to fix us right in the eyes: always grinning, sometimes threatening, they can insult us without warning …or invite us to enter their marvelous world.

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From Skyway News
Nov., 29, 2004
by, Anna Pratt

When gravity subsides, painter Dalek's (or James Marshall) space monkeys still boast precious "Minnesota Nice" smiles. Their paranoid stares and buckteeth are practically endearing. Even when they get shot in the head or hit by a sledgehammer, these accident-prone squirts are always good sports.

But beyond the polite, if battered exterior, these cartoon aliens represent an apathetic demographic. Inspired by street art, graffiti and televisual culture, artist Dalek knowingly or not, depicts a culture overly drugged up on prescriptions and mass media imagery.

These creatures have lost their reflexes. They're immune to violence and don't know how to show horror -- therefore missing an essential component of what makes us human.

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