Gregg S. Reed

Magic City Market Lantern Slide Shows

American Indians, T.H. McAllister, Manufacturing Optician
American Indians, T.H. McAllister, Manufacturing Optician

A glass lantern slide from my great-grandfather's farm, the Charles Reed farm, Raymond, Minnesota. A farm hand brought a slide collection and a handsomely designed lantern projector to the farm at the beginning of the 1900's.

Magic City Market Lantern Slide Shows | Media List


I was excited to bring my great-grandfather's 1850's lantern slides from the Reed farm in Raymond, Minnesota, to the new media age for the 1850's-styled Magic City Market and Country Store. For the store web site I made a series of nine flash-animation shows from my family's glass lantern slides. The shows include African American Cartoons, American Indians, Art and Photography, Carribean Harbors, Carribean Landscapes, Cartoons, Romance I, Romance II, and Tiger Cartoon. Use view source to read a summary of the history of the slide series. Photos from the time of the birth of photography play on your computer screen though the world wide web at Click on the arrow buttons to move on to another show. A free screensaver you can install on your computer also plays a selection of slides. Thanks to Boris Pophristov for designing the interactive buttons. The Reed farmstead was also a childhood home to New Jersey Giant Quarterback Mark Reed, Golf Digest Editor Duane Netland, and Minneapolis English Teacher Virginia Reed.