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Griffin from Alice in Wonderland

Griffin from Alice and Wonderland
Griffin from Alice and Wonderland

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You may recognize this Griffin, as vaguely familiar, from the pages of Alice in Wonderland, as it is a sketch of that lonely creature found in the books collection of etchings.
(I'll have to look up the artist's name; a good piece of trivia)

This particular piece of digital art has a long history for me. It starts with an India ink sketch that I did, back in 1978. A sketch that I made on the back of a computer printout, while operating the Univac 1108 mainframe in the lower level MSU's Old Main. Old Main was abandoned by MSU a couple of years later and now houses the elderly. (The Univac with its core memory made of metal doughnuts woven on fine metal strands by Hopi Indians had seen its day as well and was junked for a much faster silicon-based mainframe.

Fast forward twenty years...I scanned the carefully preserved, though, long-since yellowed sketch. Brought the tiff into Photoshop, changed it to a duotone, and; using the curve tool in the duotone dialogue; sharpened the contrast. Most of the painting was done on a new layer in Photoshop and then I moved the work into Painter to render the textures. The sky was done in Bryce; working from the sky preset with the note "England's repast, it felt like an appropriate choice.

griffin, also griffon, or gryphon: from the Latin gryphus and Greek grypos, hooked or curved; probably so called from its curved beak.
A mythical creature with the body and hind legs of a lion, and the head and wings of an eagle. Representations of the griffin are often used in heraldry

- Mark R Thomas