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Ask If the economy works this way? Ask Can you imagine that bonding between female and male is positive divided by negative equals negative? The negative is as a pen writing on paper. Ask The negative places in debt. continue, Ask You can gain by turning from negative to become positive. That process is a double negative to become positive. Also, negative divided by negative equals a positive value. Positive is the outside world where you have liberty. continue, There appears to be a step beyond this idea using/employing 8.4.2 The idea or concept 8.4.2 evolves or develops as inside, middle, outside. Ask If you feel confident of this idea, would you develop it further? Ask Can you imagine that 8.4.2 is divide from or pay out? If so, can you imagine that 4.2.8 or 2.4.8 is combine with or pay into? Ask If has meaning in economics? More to come
Ask If the universe and economics began in a similar manner. Shortly after the beginning plus one and minus one were separated that had formed neutral space or zero value. Minus one was called debt or death. Plus one was the living or existing. continue, Plus one became eight divided by eight or 8.8.1 Then, plus one became 8 divided by the quantity, 4 x 2, that then became
8 divided by 4 equals 2 or 8.4.2 Then 8.4.2 became the expression divide from or pay out, that is, money. The reverse, that is, 4 x 2 or 2 x 4 = 8 became combine with or pay into a person.
Ask Can you verify?
Continue, Medicine (and economics) should not only prevent illness (that is, negative divided by negative equals positive), but should also build the person (that is, positive divided, or multiplied, by positive equals positive). Recovery from illness or debt is a return to life.
When the healthy person becomes diseased, (that is, positive divided by negative equals negative). Recovery is a double negative. Building is a double positive and includes the Triversal equation (rhymes with try), that is, 8.4.2 or 2.4.8. This includes economics, creating children, and medicine. This work is original or independent creation by Lynn Fisher.
12 February 2005
Continue, My physical intuition and sense of mathematics inform me, Lynn, a system or theory of economics may be formed from sequence, deterministic, followed uncertainty, followed by probability, followed by ability to make choices. The sequence, I am reasonably confident, is from arm to hand, and is practical. From the shoulder, admit one (bone, humerus), then two (bones, radius and ulna), then six bones expressed as five bones, if the thumb is a unified two fingers. In mathematics is expressed the identical sequence, 1! = 1, 2! = 2, 3! = 6 . (One is evidently found by taking a number n to the zero power), but, two is the first prime number in mathematics and is regarded as significant increase from one. It seems that you may respect two as a decision, you may decide between one or other. But, six, it seems is choices. Six, it seems is not illogical, to represent the hand, but, the thumb, then is two fingers in form of one finger or named thumb. I, Lynn, give from the sequence 2.4.8 or 4.2.8 that is the thumb, equal to 8, that the other fingers are represented by 8.4.2, and 8.2.4, and, and . That is total of six, with one of transformations 2.4.8 and 4.2.8 both equal to 8, that is perceived as five fingers or five choices. Perhaps, this concept is the concept of the Star of David, and, also, of the five pointed star discovered on the United States flag and other nation flags. Ask if there are five or six functions in economics? Ask, also, if there are five or six functions in social life or emotional or feeling life? Ask would you verify? Also, in thought process. 2 May 2009 Copyright 2009 Lynn Fisher, LHF. A personal copy may be made. May be cited from for reviews, conversation or classroom use. LHF