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Dawning premiered at the Riverview Theater in south Minneapolis on Halloween, Monday October 31st, at 7pm.

Directed by Gregg Holtgrewe of Wholecrue Productions, Dawning is the story of two siblings surviving family drama and unknown dangers together.

Cast: Paul Cram, Billie Jo Konze, Ty Mabley, Bill Gorman, Michael Dennis Johnson, Elaine Thompson, Ryan Wotherspoon, Ellie Johnson, Zach Hammill, and Alisa Mattson.


City Pages Review:

"The DNR does not lie, they just doesn't tell the truth," reads a hand-scribbled sign at the country gas station where Chris Benton (Paul Cram) and sister Aurora (Billie Jo Konze) stop en route to meet their dad and stepmom at the family cabin. When they get there, Dad is nowhere to be seen, the family pooch is dead, and something is going bump in the night. Rendered in high-contrast black and silver, the look of the film registers somewhere between the dusty bite of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre and the otherworldly sheen of Sin City. Albeit rough around the edges, this local production from siblings Tim, Gregg, and Meagan Holtgrewe is mature, patient, and restrained compared to the average low-budget video feature. By framing the cabin, the siblings, the woods, and not the monster, the filmmakers craft an atmosphere of desolation and unease that makes the 60-minute running time feel much longer. Rather than fixating on the typical kill shot, Dawning broods on the finality of death and creates a feeling that hasn't been common to the horror movie since it merged with the action film in the '80s: helplessness. In one carefully paced and frightening sequence, brother and sister do the only thing they can do after a cabin-mate commits suicide: They dispose of the body and slowly clean the blood from the walls. (John Behling)