Elliott Durko Lynch

THNYALAR+H Installation


Installation Overview
Installation Overview

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An evening length work in progress,

Upcoming Performance at ARTERY 24; www.soapfactory.org July 2008.

Part 1
3 Channel Sound, Text, Mixed Media, Paper and Light Boxes
Installed in the 4th Floor Lobby of the Northwestern Casket Company on March 31st 2007 .

Part 1 presented at Flaneur Productions Lunaria at the Northwestern Casket Company, March 31st 2007. The second element (a performance work) was not presented as part of the inaugural April 2007 'DERIVE' performance event due to injury.

Part 2 Bryant Lake Bowl Intermission
Originally performed at Bryant Lake Bowl, January 2008.
also Presented in March and April 2008 at Exercise EXORCISE

Part 3 Bryant Lake Bowl Intermission #3
Performed at CATCH SERIES, Starr Street Project
a part of the Movement Research Spring Festival 2008

Part 4
Performed at ARTERY 24 , at the SOAP FACTORY
www.soapfactory.org July 6th 2008.