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Baseball--"Miller Park, Milwaukee WI"

 Miller Park, Milwaukee WI
Miller Park, Milwaukee WI

Baseball--"Miller Park, Milwaukee WI" | Media List


This photo was taken on Saturday, July 16 2005 at Miller Park in Milwaukee WI. Miller Park features a retractable roof , a piece of which you can see near the upper left hand side of the photo—on this evening, the roof was open. The Brewers here are taking on the Washington Nationals—Unfortunately, the home team lost, but they ended up taking 3 out of 4 in the series. This photo is meant to be a wider angle lens shot that shows the stadium during an actual game. However, I wish I had a zoom lens on—if you look closely, you can see Dana Eveland, fresh up from the Brewer’s minor league AA team, the Huntsville Stars. Eveland is pitching in his first ever appearance in the majors—this photo shows him throwing the 3rd strike to the first batter he faced, Gary Bennett of the Nationals. Not a bad start. The game was packed—over 45,000

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I’ve been snapping photos for several years, but only in the past two have gotten a process down that I am happy with in terms of taking good pictures and getting an output that I can control. Part of the fun I am having now is looking at images I took years ago to see if my current processes can give me decent output. I also belong to the St. Paul Camera Club (, an excellent resource for anyone interested in good photography.

Process: This photo was taken with a Canon 20D set at high resolution. The output on this Digital Camera setup has given me comparable output to another process I use, which is scanning in slides and converting them to digital files. Either way, I’ve been able to get excellent results and print quality.

What to look for in my photos:

1.) First, I like images that are easy on the eye. This is why most of the photos you see here are of the landscape variety—I believe that nearly everyone can identify with what they are seeing and can judge the image accordingly.

2.) I like black and white photography—I think that b/w lends more to the imagination than a color photo and allows me to emphasize contrasts. However, you’ll see color photos from me when color gives more to the final image.

3.) Contrast is another focus in my images—in some cases there may be way too much contrast—I guess I’m more into the blacks and whites than the greys... I've been told that some of my photos almost look stark--I agree--alot of contrast can do that...

4.) Another device that I like in photography is the capacity to tell a story. The best examples here are the baseball photos—only three are on this site, but all three tell a great story without focusing on the action on the field (then again, most decent baseball movies are the same way…).

5.) Special situations are also interesting—night shots are a good example. The end result is rarely what you see while you are taking the photo. Some of the images you see here were the result of 1-15 minute exposures. And again, since I like a lot of contrast night photos are perfect in this regard. You’ll also notice certain themes—steamboats would be one of those—I’ve spent time in La Crosse, WI and currently reside in St. Paul, MN, so I guess this would come naturally.

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