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Feeding Time!

Feeding Time!
Feeding Time!

First image done with my newly purchased octopus model...

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Got the octopus model, and this is the first thing I came up with...

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Tiger 2D Photoshop
Puma (Color Pencil)
The New Muybridge Channel (Animation)
Raven (Pen and Ink)
Worm Hole (Animation)
Bobcat (Color Pencil)
Lemur Family (Color Pencil)
A Friendly Ping Pong Game (Animation)
Wolf (Watercolor)
Leopard (Pen and Ink)
Owl (Color Pencil)
Chipmunk (Color Pencil on Black Paper)
Krazy Kat Merry Go Round (Animation)
Cheetah In Tree (Pen and Ink)
hypnotized (Animation)
The King (Animation)
Lynn (Pencil)
Zebra (Pen and Ink)
Water by the Cubic Foot
Statue of Liberty (Pencil)
Cheetah (Airbrush)
Mad Max (Pen and Ink)
Alien (Color Pencil)
Black Cat (Animation)
3D Dragon (Modeled in Maya)
3D Dragon (Modeled and animated in Maya)
Frosty vs. The Aliens
3D Model of a Russian L39 Training Jet
Crystal ball 3D model
Faerie Fountain 3D
3D Model Star Fighter Design
The Fleet 3D
Meta Nucleus (Animation)
"That sinking feeling" (Animation)
Zebra Crossing (Animation)
The Oceans Daughter
A School of Fish
HexaBot first 3D model made with Hexagon from Eovia
HexaBot (Animation)
The Dance (Animation)
Roach Bar (Animation)
"The Gift" a tribute to Violet (Animation)
A "Murder of Crows" (Animation)
Blah Blah Blah...... (Claymation)
Hurricane of Crows (Animation)
The Secret Cache of Props for the Gnomish Dream Makers
Fire Elemental
iChimp (Animation)
Aiko Go Go (Animation)
Feeding Time!
Dragon Attack!!!
Strike! (Animation)
Night Fright (Animation)
I Need You Like This Hole in My Head
Fireworks (Animation)
Girl & Butterfly (Animation)
Wind at Your Back
Kitty T.V. (Animation)
Duality (Animation)
Smoke Break