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snow 12X12X12' 2005

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Matt Zaun and I collaborated on this piece in the backyard. It is considered a prototype for The Art Shanty Project piece we were 'commissioned' to create.
We have been doing research on Inuit snow shelters or 'Iglus'. What we have arrived at is by necessity a bit different than the traditional Inuit Iglu.
In Minnesota we don't have the deep pack snow that is available in the arctic.
Therefore we had to pack our own bricks. We arrived at something that is a bit more suitable to this climate. Using wet granular snow that was harvested by wheelbarrow and shovel we scoured the neighborhood for snow at a time of limited snow cover. this dense snow was very useful in creating bricks that are more resistant to melting in the fluctuating weather we have been having lately. When properly mortared with similar snow it creates a hard shell that we hope will last throughout the winter. We had to do a bit of repair and found that a higher peaked/vaulted roof is more structurally sound.

The Art Shanty project is designed to be an environment for recording.
We have already recorded audio in the Bigloo. check out the link in the external URL section to see photos that Scott Puhl took of our evening of Bigloo music

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