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Intermediate Meme Museum

Intermediate Meme Museum is seeking a new director.

Intermediate Meme Museum (IMM) is a digital publication dedicated to experiments with the form and dynamics of the internet meme. IMM was launched in 2018 by Eric Larson. Between 2018 and 2019, IMM commissioned work for its digital publication from ten local and national artists (@not.yr.boyfriend, Clee McCracken, Jordan Thomas, Martin Gonzales, @gayvapeshark, Essma Imady, Skyler Nowinksi, ¾ IMM Advisory Committee, Ziyang Wu, and Lexi Herman). These commissions included meme series, a 24-hour livestream, essays, interactive websites, videos, and more. IMM was featured in the Star Tribune and Minnesota Daily, and was read/viewed/watched by hundreds in its first two releases. It was funded by Midway Contemporary Art’s Visual Arts Fund.

Eric Larson is moving on from IMM, and is searching for someone interested in building upon its initial foundation. The new director of IMM will have the freedom to take the project in new directions or maintain a similar format. Decisions regarding collaborative structure, timelines, fundraising, marketing, etc. will be made at the discretion of the new director. There is currently no funding for IMM or this position. Eric will work with the new director to transition IMM to new leadership, and will provide the new director with IMM history, correspondence, archives, passwords, and connections to resources.

Note: While IMM does not need to be an exclusively Minnesota-based project, the director must reside in Minnesota and have an interest and commitment in local engagement. Additionally, the first two releases of IMM must still be hosted on its website after the leadership transition.

If you are interested in becoming the director of IMM, please email the following to [email protected] by November 22nd 2019:

  • A resume listing prior experience within the arts and/or digital culture, and any producing/curatorial/leadership experience
  • A paragraph describing your relationship to memes, and why you want to direct IMM. If you have specific ideas for new initiatives or artists you’d like to work with, write about those as well.
  • Work samples of any of the following kinds of work: Artistic, digital, curatorial, community-driven, activist, written, and/or design work. This can be in the form of media files, links, social media profiles, written descriptions, etc.


  • October 22nd: Call for submissions launched
  • November 22nd: Submissions due
  • November 22nd-December 6th: Applicants notified, finalists interviewed, and new director announced.
  • December 7th-December 31st: Transition to new director
  • January 1st 2020: New director takes over IMM

Eric Larson will choose the new director. He wrote the following stances during his time directing IMM, and is looking for a director who holds similar values:

*The power of memes reside in their decentralized definition and subcultural practices. IMM does not seek to centralize understanding or simplify the complex meme landscape. We are not trying to define what memes are, but rather explore what they can be and do.

*Memes, as a form, may be (arguably) apolitical, but IMM is not. IMM is committed to anti-oppressive, radical experimentation and politics.

*IMM values playfulness, rigor, and the presentation of diverse approaches and philosophies surrounding memes.

Eric is happy to answer questions or provide more background about IMM. Please email him at [email protected]

Opportunity Opens

Tuesday, Oct 22nd 2019

Opportunity Closes

Friday, Nov 22nd 2019, 11:45pm

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