Mn Artists Presents: [Your Name Here] 2020: Call for Proposals


Mn Artists is seeking proposals from Minnesota-based artists of all disciplines to serve as guest curators for a one-night program, held on a Thursday from 5–9pm.

Applicants are invited to propose a central topic, idea, theme or question arising from their artistic practice or research, which would then be activated through a range of events, including but not limited to:

  • temporary installation, set design, and costume in a public space at the Walker
  • screenings
  • roundtable conversations, interviews, lectures, panels
  • workshops, how-to sessions, art-making
  • performance
  • live music
  • social components, networking and/or skill-sharing

Three finalists will be chosen and each will be given one of the following dates for their project: May 14, September 3, and November 19, 2020.


  • Applicants must be willing to commit time and attention to working closely and collaboratively with Walker staff and participating artists to realize their event. Applicants can expect to dedicate about 40-60 hours to meetings, communication, administration, and research.
  • Proposals must come from individual artists or collaborative groups with a history of working together (i.e., not organizations or non-profits).
  • Proposals must not include your own artwork.
  • All artists involved in the program must be based in Minnesota. 
  • All projects must comply with the Walker’s non-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.
  • Projects must be appropriate for visitors of all ages (including children) and with a range of physical abilities.
  • Current contractors of the Walker are ineligible to apply.


We are looking for proposals that:

  • feature artists from more than one region of Minnesota, i.e. a mix of artists from greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities;
  • use innovative, engaging and accessible methods to communicate artistic ideas and issues to the general public;
  • are interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary;
  • demonstrate creative use of Walker spaces available for project (see Logistics for available spaces);
  • include participatory or interactive elements in an inviting and/or social atmosphere
  • establish opportunities for artists to meet and connect to each other;
  • include a range of entry points for audiences, which include practicing artists to people visiting a museum for the first time;
  • involve artists/arts organizers who have not previously been involved in Mn Artists or Walker programming (though artists we have worked with before are welcome to apply!). 

We welcome proposals from practicing independent curators, artist-curators, and artists who wish to expand their work into curatorial practice. To take full advantage of the program, guest curators should have an interest in working closely with artists to develop concepts, desire to consider audience development, interest in learning about the working processes of a large arts institution, good communication skills and a willingness towards administrative as well as creative work.


  • Accepted proposals will be assigned to one of three dates: Thursday nights on either May 14, September 3, and November 19, 2020. Applicants should be available for all three dates.
  • The guest curator receives a $1600 stipend and a production budget for the program, which must also cover fees for all other artists involved in the program. Travel and lodging will be covered only for artists based in and travelling from greater Minnesota. 
  • Applicants will work in consultation with Walker staff to site the project within the Walker. Space availability is contingent on other Walker programming. Spaces for project use include:
    • Cinema
    • Mediatheque
    • Lobbies/public spaces
    • Garden Terrace Room
    • Walker Terraces (depending on season)
    • Upper Garden
  • All projects must be temporary or time-based and leave no trace on the Walker campus, cause no damage to the building or artworks, and take no more than one day to install/de-install.
  • Walker prohibits certain materials may cause harm to the works in the collection. Examples of prohibited materials include but are not limited to: plant materials, live animals, smoke, glitter, and liquids. All materials must be approved by Walker staff.
  • Proposals involving food must adhere to the Walker’s catering contract with Culinaire. Please contact Walker for more details.


Proposals are due on Friday, November 15 at 3 pm CST.

The panel for 2020 will include: Simone Austin (Interdisciplinary Fellow, Visual Arts, Walker Art Center), Emily Gastineau (Program Manager, Mn Artists, Walker Art Center), Deborah Girdwood (Program Manager, Moving Image, Walker Art Center), Nooshin Hakim Javadi (2019 participating artist), Jonathan Herrera Soto (2019 guest curator), and Jacqueline Stahlmann (Public Programs Manager, Walker Art Center).

Finalists will receive notification in December 2019.

Opportunity Opens

Monday, Sep 30th 2019

Opportunity Closes

Friday, Nov 15th 2019, 3:00pm


  • A link to your profile, artist website, or other online portfolio.
  • A proposal, in the form of answers to the following three questions:

1. What central idea or question will your proposed program explore? (150 words max)

2. What formats or components (artist projects, discussions, etc.) would you combine to explore this question? What aesthetic, vibe, or overall experience do you endeavor to create? How do you imagine audiences interacting with the program? (300 words max)

3. Which artists would you select to work with and why? Please list 4-7 examples of artists you could envision as part of the program, with a website link or short bio for each artist. (Artists do not need to be confirmed at the proposal stage, and we expect the selected programs to shift and develop beyond the initial proposal. Fully realized programs will include 3-5 artists, depending on the scope of their projects.)

  • Your Resume/CV (2 pages max)
  • Artist bio

Note: We are not asking for work samples specific to this proposal, but we will look at your website/Mn Artists profile, resume/CV, and optional bio in order to get a sense of the totality of your work in the arts community: your own artistic practice, collaboration, curation, event production, arts organizing, advocacy, etc.


Please submit your application online through

Step 1: Create a Mn Artists account. 
Register here:
A Mn Artists account is required to submit, but your profile and work do not need to be public. 

More info: How to Register for Mn Artists

Step 2: Fill out your profile information on your Mn Artists account.
More info: How to Create an Artist ProfileHow to Add Artwork

Step 3: Apply. Click the Apply link above to start your application. Your application materials are automatically populated, pulling content from your Mn A account, simplifying this and future applications.

More info: How to Use Mn Artists Applications

  • Submissions are only accepted online through the submission process. 
  • We encourage, but do not require, you to publicize your profile on You do not have to have an existing, but must create a profile to submit through
  • We do NOT accept e-mailed submissions OR mailed submissions.
  • Mn Artists Applications pulls information and work samples directly from your Mn Artists profile, and allows you to customize your materials for the particular opportunity for which you’re applying. Note that the application software does not include autosave; it will save your work only when you click Back or Next.

For more information on Mn Artists Applications, see here.


We encourage interested applicants to contact Mn Artists Program Manager, Emily Gastineau, with any questions on the parameters of this project: [email protected] 


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